Saturday, September 4, 2010


I’m trying to hit three birds with one stone with this. It’s my first ever entry to Illustration Friday (theme: “Dessert”), a tribute to Edward Bawden (here’s my inspiration), and also, clearly, to my wife! Happy anniversary, Melanie!


Alan Scott said...

Did your wife say anything about you making her a rounded bumblebee rather than just a slim bee? I love Bauden's work. In fact you've reminded me of all the great illustrators that did black and white illos in early editions of the radio times.

Jack Foster said...

Very cool Stephen! Love the black and white! Great contrast and terrific expression. Hey by the way.... welcome!

Stephen Crowe said...

Thanks, guys! And thanks for the welcome, Jack. I hope I'll have the discipline to keep it up. Alan, I asked my wife your question, and she said "Why would anyone want a slim bee?"