Sep 122016

Here’s a brief list of things that have recently happened to me:

  • My new literary cartoon for Third Place Books is up, and it’s about Chaucer and farts. >>>
  • My new political comic is up at WdW Review. >>>
  • Feeding Time is a new novel by Adam Biles, published in the UK by Galley Beggar Press, and it has illustrations and design inside by me and Melanie Amaral. >>>
  • Speaking of stuff that I do with Melanie, our minicomic of The City should be ready in a couple of weeks!
Aug 302016

I wiped this blog because I couldn’t remember what the point of it is. I’ve changed the name of it to “news” now, and at some point I will take the time to write some. In the meantime, here’s a Trump.