About Me

I’m a British-born illustrator and designer based in Seattle. I combine pen and ink with digital techniques to produce bold, eye-catching, and conceptually driven compositions.

With Melanie Amaral, I write and draw an ongoing comics series called The City, a comedy about the collapse of civilisation, set in central Europe in the aftermath of World War I.

I used to illustrate James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake for a project entitled Wake in Progress, and I collaborated with Antje Hubold on an illustration project called Ulysses: the Animated Film, which was not an animated film.

My work has appeared in the International Herald Tribune, Modern Painters Magazine, The Atlantic Online, Brain Pickings, The Honest Ulsterman, Gorse, and the James Joyce Literary Supplement.

I am available for commissions! Contact me at stephen(at)invisibledot.net.

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